About me


Hi! I’m Jessica. I created this website as an exercise in web design and development. It’s also a showcase for my other hobbies and skills – photography, design, writing, DIY, and more. You’ll see a little bit of everything here.

There are a lot of things I could tell you about myself, but I’ll stick with some of the highlights:


I’m married to Peter, who works at GrubHub by day and is a professional dancer by night (jazz and tap…what were you thinking?!). I like to dance, too! My favorites are ballroom (waltz, tango, foxtrot), latin (cha cha, salsa, merengue), and swing. I’d love to learn the samba, quickstep and lindy hop. We live in Rogers Park, a neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, known for its diversity and beach access (this is usually where you’ll find me on sunny summer weekends).


We have one cat, Esther, who is 10 years old, but is so petite that we sometimes forget she isn’t still a kitten. She’s a bit of a princess, but her cuteness makes up for it (an evolutionary advantage, if there ever was one).


Souk-cuisine-circle (1)I love food – and learning about other cultures through food. My long list of favorite cuisines includes: Indian, Mexican, Moroccan, French, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, and Spanish. One of my favorite travel experiences was a Moroccan cooking class in Marrakech where we first shopped the souks for the ingredients we needed (including the live chicken that was butchered in front of us!). My addictions are cheese, chocolate, and fresh bread.

Semi-Paris-circleBecause I never want to stop eating these things, I started running a few years ago and try to run a few races every year to keep me motivated. In 2015, I ran the Semi Marathon de Paris (I needed a LOT of motivation to run 13.1 miles, but a trip to Paris is a pretty good incentive). No, I don’t think I’ll ever try for a marathon…


Places outside the continental US that I’ve traveled to include (most recent first): Costa Rica, France, Mexico, Morocco, U.S.V.I., Ireland, and Austria. Places on my bucket list include India, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and much of SE Asia. I have a deep and abiding love for Bollywood films – the music, dancing, colors, and joy all speak to my soul. Sure, they’re sometimes a little cheesy – but that’s one of my addictions, too, remember?

I’m learning French because Peter and I have the goal to one day live in France for several years. According to Duolingo, I’m 30% fluent, and they’re probably right – I can only understand about 30% (more of less) of any given conversation.


I grew up in rural Michigan on a blueberry farm. Most of my family still lives there. They’re not really sure how I ended up loving cities so much, but they do enjoy visiting us in Chicago from time to time.